The membrane is designed to avoid water stagnation and bacteria growth, making it suitable for drinking water too. working pressure of 10 bar with a Max. When water is then drawn off from the system the air pressure surrounding the membrane will force the water out of the pressure vessel and into the system. 2 Items . Vessel has pre-charged valve for topping up air pressure. Registered company number 01749889, Lowara 8LV Vertical Expansion Tank (Blue). Expansion Vessel Central Heating - 105 Litres. Reflex DE 60L Vessel for heating and chilled water applications. 60 Litre Pressure Vessel for use with Pressure Boosting Sets mainly for Agricultural and Commercial Use. Tax £59.51 Incl. Due to the pressure from the pressurised air surrounding the membrane water will start to exit the vessel until the membrane is contracted. Once the vessel is full and the pump has reached its high pressure setting it will switch off. Expansion Vessel: Ask a Question Questions and Answers - FAQ More Questions. Varem 2 LITRE VERTICAL VESSEL - 10 BAR £Call for Prices. Horizontal expansion vessel with replaceable membrane for potable water Carbon steel body with blue epoxy polyester paint finish and carbon steel flange Max. operating temperature of 70c. Call us for advice on 01473 719950. Elbi expansion tanks have a corrosion resistant powder coat finish and stainless steel connection flange. The upper compartment contains compressed nitrogen. It comes pre-pressurised at 4.0 bar. Product Features. Our selection also includes potable expansion vessels for sanitary sealed systems. Capacity: 60 - 450 liter / 15 - 120 gallon; Maximum working pressure: 10 bar / 150 psi; Factory pre-charge: 1.4 bar / 20 psi; Maximum operating temperature: 90° C / 194° F These expansion vessels for potable hot water are manufactured to comply with UK water regulations and are tested and certified by WRAS. DETAILS. 1/2" FxF 3 … … When water is heated it expands and as water is not compressible this increased volume will create a rise in pressure within the system. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Boss – 60 Litre Potable Expansion Vessel. Powder pain finish. Quick View. £23.24 £19.37. When the pump starts, the pressure inside the vessel begins to increase. The Centrebrand sealed system expansion vessel is intended for use on sealed heating and chilled systems. Technical Data Shell: deep drawn steel Working temperatures: -10°+99°C Test pressure: 1,5 times the maximum Working pressure Paint: epoxy powder coated. The innovative construction eliminates contact between the stored water and steel shell, making it suitable for use with potable water. Varem is a leading company in the production of expansion vessels, pressure tanks and plate heat exchangers Expansion vessels for heating systems, domestic hot water and Pressure tanks Login Expansion vessel with replaceable membrane for central heating and boiler systems. Quick View. © 2020 Anglian Pumping Services. GT-H vessels have a single non-toxic butyl rubber diaphragm, dividing the tank chamber in two compartments. Search. The PressureWave™ Pressure Vessel Series is constructed of a virgin poly11propylene liner combined with an FDA approved high grade … Varem 500 LITRE VERTICAL VESSEL- 8 BAR £Call for Prices. Max pressure 6 Bar. 15; All; Sort by. 1 x HeatWave 60 Litre Heating Expansion Vessel; 1 x Evolve Expansion Vessel Kit; £49.59 Excl. Once the membrane is fully deflated and the system has reached its minimum pressure, the pump will start on its low pressure setting and will begin the cycle again. Expansion Vessel Central Heating - 8 Litres. Varem 100 LITRE VERTICAL VESSEL- 8 BAR £Call for Prices. This Italian made vessel is manufactured to the highest quality. Fixed diaphragm expansion vessels; Manufactured in accordance with pressure equipment directive 97/23/ec; Steel construction to bs 4814:1990 Lowara 60 litre vertical The Lowara vertical expansion pressure vessel is designed to provide a storage facility and pressure reservoir for water at temperatures up to 70oC. The vessel includes a replaceable butyl diaphragm mounted in a mild steel shell, providing first-class durability and robustness. Related products and accessories. 60 Litre - Maxivarem LR Red Vertical Heating Expansion Vessel Carbon Steel Flange - UR060371. Suitable for all pumps. Strong steel construction. Maximum Pressure : 10 Bar Connector : 1 inch Width: 382mm Height :845mm Weight : 6 Kg. Connection – 60-100 Ltr 1” Larger Sizes 1 ½â€ ... Max. Common uses include water booster sets, heating pressurisation and fill sets; can be installed to any type of pump.


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