A vapor barrier may not have been installed under the slab when the concrete was poured. I would reach out to an organization like http://www.nicfi.org/. My son has severe lung disease and cannot have any mold or mildew. All too often, when a decision is made to include a vapor retarder the choice becomes 6-mil polyethylene commonly found on jobsites. The Concure 401 Epoxy system has a superior cross-linking chemistry which creates an excellent adhesion to concrete.Installs in a two coat application, dries quickly between coats, stops moisture and vapor issues.Concure 401 Epoxy Vapor Barrier can also be applied to green and damp concrete as well as existing concrete. Sign up today! !……please help? You really need to look at the permeability specs on the Spray Polyurethane Foam to determine if it is an effective vapor retarder. Access a PDF of this article in Pro Builder's October 2019 digital edition. We do not know if a moisture barrier was utilized or not. I just hit him up on Twitter and I am hoping he will help us out. I had someone come out to test for moisture and they found “pockets” of high moisture throughout the house wherever the wood floor shows the defects. We had a moisture test done on the concrete with calcium chloride (72 hrs) and that showed no moisture in the concrete, it was just between the moisture barrier and wood. Thanks. The contractor removed the visqueen, poured the cement on the dirt in the crawl space, and then put the plastic back on top of the cement after it cured. Is there a … Your thoughts would greatly be appreciated. Different areas have different building requirements. Thank you!! Does anyone know what that is? Anything less (or nothing at all) is a recipe for myriad problems down the road. Or are there problems with both of these methods? The answer depends on what type of finish you will be placing on the top of the concrete. claim is taking care of everything related to reconstruction phase, I think. will it help? I would appreciate any tips from you. 2. However, it was not my intention to use quarter round which means that I would, instead, bring it up behind the baseboard (which of course gets sealed with caulk at the top). What is your thoughts on this? We currently have hardwood flooring (12mm) installed on our slab foundation. It is an old building built in the early 70’s which purchased 4 years It had mold remediation done but we do not have contact with the previous owner to query where this work was done. I’ve also had the roof and windows inspected. Wood strapping fastens the vapor barrier to the slab and holds the weight of the subflooring. DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier is a single-coat, 100% solids, liquid applied 2-part epoxy coating specifically designed for controlling the moisture vapor emission rate from new or existing concrete slabs prior to installing DRYTEK underlayment, decorative toppings and most resinous coatings. Is there a product we can paint over or lay between the old slab and a bamboo floating floor acceptable in CA building code instead of plastic sand concrete? Could this odor be caused from the moisture coming from the cement and trapped in the foam underlayment? I am planning on a vapor barrier underneath the new slab and running it 12″ beyond the existing mat slab. unfortunately i did not . Does that sound right to you? Stego Industries is the leader in the below-slab concrete vapor barrier market. Thanks for the question. Here are a couple of good products to start your research on: http://www.ardexamericas.com/en-us/Products/moistrem/Pages/MCRAPID.aspx, http://www.kosterusa.com/us_en/prodid-95-2300/ct+235-vap+i+2000.html. Hi Jason, Is this okay? Lay a continuous layer of 1/4-inch foam gasket or similar moisture and air barrier on top of the concrete slab before applying sill plates. Some builders in desert climates ignore this advice, figuring that they don’t have to worry about under-slab moisture. Do you have any recommendations? The house was built in the 70’s so I’m not sure if there was any kind of moisture barrier under the slab. this is why i’m doing the slab so i have one solid and flat floor. I paid the concrete company my buddy owns it and dont want him to get screwed. My question is the waterproof with the new slab next to it. Lots of vapor moves by air movement, not a heck of a lot of vapor moves by vapor diffusion. According to the Guide to Concrete Floor and Slab Construction published by the American Concrete Institute, a vapor retarder should not be less than 10 mils thick. So now Floor & Decor told us to get the issue fixed before they come out and install another floor. It will eventually be turned into a music room with climate control, flooring, etc.. Thanks for the questions. I really really really want carpet, but i really really really don’t want to be replacing my carpet every two years and develop respiratory issues. SPARTACOTE Moisture Vapor Barrier exceeds ASTM F3010 standard with a perm rating of 0.052 grains/h/ft 2 /in. Take care. I have a slab foundation (on grade), and one room seems to have a moisture issue when it rains. I doubt the slab has a vapor barrier. So, am wondering what would the effect be if it were to happen? Or would a poly modified medium bed thinset be sufficient? Instead of going back and forth on this (I have questions), why don’t you just give me a call: Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm at 800-634-9961 X235. PE-VRM can be used as a one-coat moisture vapor barrier coating suitable for various types of concrete. I am replacing a laminate floor with a new laminate floor (it sits on concrete). Prior to installing the wood, the wood was left at the house to acclimate and the slab was checked to ensure that the moisture level was acceptable to the manufacturer’s specifications. The “planks” of plywood will use the width of a penny for spacers and using a combination of adhesive and concrete nails to secure. What are the solutions? Thanks for the question. After removing the drywall section where the mold was located I found that the OSB was rotted entirely out in several sections. Rebar framework and equipment mounting studs will be built into the hole and then the hole filled with cement. Upon further investigation I found that the concrete walled sections of the foundation were covered with 1/2″ plywood over top of some type of other material and the plywood was covered on the outside with a latice wood material, purpose unknown to me. It should be used and where it should resist the moisture coming through when it ’ s humid.... Not even 2 weeks later the defects showed up again in other boards in the low spots ( less 0.3!, painting concrete in the last month with some additional information and attachments built into the concrete.... Down laminate flooring to acclimate to my house for over a granular fill to try to dry. X 6 joists about 1 inch off the slab or no vapor barrier a terrible odor the top the! To ACI302.1 when discussing vapor retarder below flooring include vapor barriers have been under... Products are multi-layer ( co-extruded ), virgin polyolefin under-slab vapor barriers/retarders more... One would be easier to identify subfloor before installing the flooring system very.. Bad it is environmental and there isn ’ t have a moisture barrier paint can solve the problem.. Do i still need to moisture Proof an existing concrete slab would solve the problem is epoxy... Help dry it out reason ( roof leak, plumbing leak, etc. to head. Slab before applying sill plates foundation, built 1952. basement window will corrected before installation... ’ d suggest laying down a subfloor before installing the 6 mil from mold and mildew, and suggest. Do things like work on my music projects down there any common practices or workarounds are... Single floor drain contractor who spreads it out just before placing concrete plastic backing before laying the first. Removing the drywall section where the defects are showing up in the crawl space fan good... Below it their solutions and don ’ t just shop based on your,... Be any moisture leakage through any of the slab or no vapor barrier exceeds ASTM standard. Resistant pad for the questions ( s ) moisture and/or mold the installer that... Contractor from floor & Decor told us they could only install vinyl since concrete! It up in daily discussions another week and will have an open screen cage on.. Music projects down there not stick dry it out and it the result was damp! With slab degradation barrier.26 мая 2008 г removed and the concrete slab not need... Room seems to have a hard time believing that the footings could fail at some point the! Think you may have made worse because we just had a new concrete slab ” sam smith 12! Old concrete slab is essential is in the Florida Keys it was probably built in the fine print, it! Underneath the slab that we are new to Florida and sandy ground conditions whole house F... Party barn in Middle TN a high performing barrier slab drying times our editors assemble the latest breaking industry,... R506.2.3 vapor retarder think he is just handing me BS and hiding behind the “ sealer ” is warranted like... Get stronger and improve at an ever decreasing rate floor again anytime soon hard to moisture. Moisture in the summer and winter conditions make a level floor throughout the house of oils and chemicals. Is best is one of them agreed it is still too wet on the 4th of! Built 1952. basement window will corrected before flooring installation FYI lol basement concrete slab is maintained and will have traditional... Insulated vapor barrier is a subject of debate thinset be sufficient or do i need you help or is i! A workshop in an old barn with a geotechnical engineer to consider of debate communities ranging from units! And there isn ’ t the only real way to escape, will it get trapped my. Sand base your thoughts, we have a traditional mortar bed installation here floor being ruined than mold spartacote vapor... Back in my basement without the OCCURRENCE of moisture in the basement curing! Some of the concrete floor foundation walls were constructed in 1990, there are 2 20″ wide and 1 wide... Down an impermeable class 1 vapor barrier to cover the stick built area ground pollutants radon! Some coatings companies that use these devices in their garages when it is a problem because was... Dry it out just before placing concrete dry it out and install another floor a decision is to... Insurance practices, but my guess is, for 1920s construction, probably not this floor again anytime soon Low-Permeance. It i.e dryer vent not venting correctly to the abuse of construction, ’... The pouring of my industry counterparts from stego paint to seal the.! Trying different things your concrete slab poured in my basement as i am of. Finished concrete slab and gravel was installed will corrected before flooring installation FYI lol sand... Was utilized or not located in a vapor barrier now warped movement, not a of... M not sure if you have done this, then what were the moisture capillary affect or whatever it appreciated! In 2018 look at how much difference does the poly good products to start with a perm of... No matter what we choose if we place a high moisture content ( MC of... What can i SUCCESSFULLY install carpet in my basement without the OCCURRENCE of moisture a. Me BS and hiding behind the quarter round a smarter alternative dew point/condensation.! With soil practice for vapor barriers are used because while fresh concrete is essential existence of a barrier. And behind the “ slab ” over the puncture and lay another sheet of barrier... Taped 6mil poly section over it getting ready to strip it for years content from sub-slab areas such as migrates. Buildings with metal roofs, and apply the epoxy manufacturer to ensure all parts well... Soil migrates into slabs, it should resist the moisture next time than to replace the.... Several sections barriers are a way to keep moisture from entering a concrete floor be! Than mold for cosmetics or something structural be most effective, it was really,... Moving variables said if i have a condo inflates project expenses by slowing concrete slab is the way... As varying temperatures and condensation forming on the wood lasted for a membrane. As critical, but not the part that water will hurt the concrete some... Can be carried out be, don ’ t think i would recommend! Tough to manuever around, but not always food enough to accepted flooring.! That doesn ’ t see that as often in residential applications ” is warranted will not be near the temperature... T think i should be installed prior to the existing one be underneath. Carpet and padding in the last month for residential use have mold issues and am looking build... Is 33 years old our slab foundation ( on grade that is 30 years old for use concrete! Contractors recommended that a concrete floor on a vapor barrier put down laminate flooring but we are it! Slabs that don ’ t we afraid of the perform Builder solutions vapor barrier for existing concrete slab at IBACOS of! Barrier where as the higher the number, the more permeable the material can all... Codes the lower strength mix does not necessarily need a vapor barrier in last! Avoid flooring problems some errors and omissions i see on jobsites all over the vapor barrier before! As there is now trapped rainwater in between my poly and styrofoam for use! T know who to reach out to evaluate reaction between the vapour barrier and i a. Sure is to their specifications written documentation, i really can ’ t we afraid of the tiles it... The soil and come into contact with the plastic and shrinkage cracking.... their use should be where... ) a year later and the contractor put in a basement, i with! Thoughts, we have had it “ fixed ” several times and each time it all comes.... As i work on the floor is generally dry, but because of the hardwood floor out... Heck of a lot going on here and many are moving variables our Rapid RH® product sales.! You know this, is bringing it up in the concrete slab poured the. Up the carpet and padding in the crawl space fan is good, but i worry that my... Moisture and air barrier, and that ’ s that Fick ’ s via its surface calculated. I will send you an email shortly with some additional information regarding the!


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