With just a few household ingredients, you can preserve your shishito peppers super fast. Shishito peppers are great grilled or pan fried, but you can also make pickled shishito peppers with ease. https://coolmomeats.com/2015/09/08/amazing-shishito-pepper-recipes We love to pickle all sorts of pepper varieties, and shishitos are a great size and shape for this preservation method . Shishito Peppers seem to be everywhere these days and while I do enjoy snacking on them blistered right out of a large cast-iron skillet then sprinkled with salt, these cream cheese and salami Stuffed Shishito Peppers are my favorite. https://cookieandkate.com/blistered-shishito-peppers-recipe #stuffed #cheese #shishito #peppers https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/blistered_shishito_peppers


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