Only difference is pretty much the price. These skates are made from a proprietary PTFE material that provides superior speed and control. I bought Tiger Arc feet for my GPW, Zowie FK/EC lines and G305, and the G305 was the only one that had film. $8 Tiger Arc Mouse Skates Review! ... Tfue Reveals SECRET Gaming Mouse He's Been Using and How He Hid it! New Tiger Gaming Rounded Feet sound test vs. Hotline Competition & Stock Tiger Gaming have released rounded edge feet for a variety of mice and some of the more popular mice as well, most notably for the Finalmouse Ultralight / Air58, GPW, Rival and Zowie models. They are slightly harder to find but are one of the best choices if you … For me i did not have to think twice should i order 2 sets of Tigers from Aliexpress for 2,5€ for my DA and G400s or buy Hyperglides and pay over 20€ :| I have heard only good things from both. ... Corepad skatez teflon feet glide test [g903 hyperglides mod] - … Hyperglides are like the Original Air Jordans and Tiger Arc seems to be the "remake" of that. I'm sure there are minor differences between them and Hyperglides due to the difference in the rounding, but 100% PTFE is 100% PTFE so there shouldn't be any major changes in glide. Tiger Gaming is quickly gaining a high reputation for their recent Arc line of mouse skates.


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