On 5th May ’18, Barak Electronics issues the tax invoice for the supply to Hussein Mobiles. Next, dial Saudi Arabia's country prefix, which is 966. First dial 011, the U.S. exit code. Then, dial 5 followed by the 8-digit cell phone number if you're calling a mobile phone. The country code for Saudi Arabia is SA. Saudi-Arabia consumer cell phone number list is a quite steadfast database with assorted data of cell phone number of the people from multiple cities of Saudi-Arabia. Then dial the area code (1 digit — please see a sample calling code list below) and finally the phone number (7 digits). The time in Saudi Arabia is now 07:17:12pm Calling Saudi Arabia from the United States explained: 011 - US exit code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada; 966 - Country Code for Saudi Arabia; Phone Number (remove initial 0) - 9 digits Need to call Saudi Arabia from the U.S.? It is famous for the standard URL blocked page in Saudi Arabia. To call from outside Saudi Arabia, dial the exit code of the country the call is dialed from, followed by Saudi Arabia’s country code of ‘966’, followed by the local phone number. Sample VAT invoice format. International example – calling from outside Saudi Arabia. In this article, let us see a sample format of a VAT invoice to be issued in KSA. To call Saudi Arabia from a regular or mobile phone, start by dialing your country's 3-digit exit code, which can be found easily online if you don't already know it. Saudi arabia Fake phone numbers are starting 50,51,53-59 and country code of Saudi arabia is +966. Saudi arabia Fake phone numbers are recommended for drama use, such as those involving TV shows and radio entertainment, however you can also use our random phone numbers when providing documented examples on websites or in printed literature. Next dial 966, the country code for Saudi Arabia. Just use our “How To Call Saudi Arabia” guide below to assist you. Saudi-Arabia consumer mobile number list should be your topmost priority if you want to do SMS marketing or Cold Calls to get new customers. ShareTweetShareWhatsAppEmail0 SharesCommunications and Information Technology Commission is the regulatory authority in Saudi Arabia that controls and monitors everything related to communications and internet in the country. The IBAN check digits 03 validate the routing destination and account number combination in this IBAN. The BBAN is 8000 0000 6080 1016 7519, which contains the country-specific details of the account number. Here’s how. Scenario: On 25th April, ’18, Barak Electronics supplies 50 mobile phones @ SAR 100 to Hussein Mobiles. Do not include a leading ‘0’ in the call when calling from outside Saudi Arabia. Random Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers Saudi Arabia Country Calling Codes: +966 012919125 0096622873073 022610103 0096648290016 026630084 0096626573087 0096614783750 0096626827822 0096614468402 075223992 014083440 0096673233233 0096626727572 0096638353773 026629260 012921996 026439895 0096614090555 012865747 0096614032479 CITC offers a lot for services for companies and consumers in the country.


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