REAPER SQUEEZINS CHALLENGE - BEHIND THE SCENES: Big Meals, Small Places - Duration: 7:42. Chilis are measured on what's called the Scoville Scale. Our Reaper Sauce on the other hand, made with 70% Carolina Reaper ® peppers with a 1.6 Million SHU, is one of the hottest Scoville sauces you can imagine. Weighing in at 3.18 million Scoville heat units, the Pepper X dwarfs Taste the intense flavor of sauces packed with the most fresh peppers. Watch Some of the Legends of the Chili World and Ultimate Pepper Heads in Action as They Take on the Carolina Reaper ® Big Meals, Small Places with Sal Governale Recommended for you We produce great tasting chili pepper products made from our USDA Organic farm. Explore our gigantic collection of … For example, a peperoncini registereds 100 to 200 scovilles while the Carolina Reaper … On the PuckerButt Pepper Company product page, a reviewer by the name of Neil Gobbi had this to say -"I... am a glutton for punishment. Ed Currie, of Carolina Reaper fame and the mad scientist behind PuckerButt Pepper Company, has done a BIG one better with the (temporarily-named) Pepper X. Home Products Puckerbutt Reaper Squeezins Puckerbutt Reaper Squeezins HEAT RATING Heat Chart $39.99 The pepper to vinegar ratio in this hot sauce is an unparallelled 93% pepper to 7% vinegar. Reaper Squeezins is actually a very dangerous hot sauce, which ranks in at 2.2 million Scoville. 39 Carolina Reaper Squeezins Bottle Slam Five Millon Scoville Heat Units I drink the whole botle of the world's hottest all natural hot sauce made with about 40 carolina reapers plus a cold press of carolina reapers which is like an all natural extract. Watch Carolina Reaper Squeezins Bottle Slam Five Millon Scoville Heat Units - Hughiestanley on Dailymotion


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