Remember to subscribe to THE ENDLESS MEAL'S NEWSLETTER for … Baba ghanoush Arabic بابا غنوج bābā ghanūj, bābā ghanūj, baba ganush, baba ghannouj or baba ghannoug is a Levantine dish of eggplant (aubergine) mashed and mixed with virgin olive oil and various seasonings. Set aside to cool, about 30 minutes. Transfer to a bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Grill eggplants until charred and blackened (see Note). Finally, after investing 1 hr and 15 minutes (not the 25 minutes indicated) 5) the final product tasted like lemon juice and tahini. Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. Lightly grease a baking tray. Place the eggplant on baking tray and pierce holes in the skin with a fork. The original picture of this baba ganoush recipe (2012) If you’re interested in learning a few tricks that I did to improve my food photography, check out the posts 10 Food Photography Tips for New Food Bloggers and The 10 Best Food Photography Props to Improve Your Food Photography and The Food Photography Equipment I Use. Roast it for 30 to 40 minutes, turning … 4) This recipe makes about 3/4 of a cup of baba ganoush… again too little to make in a food processor.


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