Awarded Multitalent Artist



    A life linked to dance, music and art, born in the city of Alcorcón (Madrid), a young man with a restless mind and great artistic gifts. The world of dance and music took me to my current city of residence Reykjavik (Iceland), my new adventure and personal project began there. 





    Javier had a great passion for drawing, he studied art in the Art School of Manresa in Barcelona, after years of practice with different art styles , such as Lettering and Graffiti , he developed a passion for the Art in the Skin. Currently living in Reykjavik (Iceland) started working as an official tattoo artist in a prestigious tattoo shop called DRAGONFLY INK ICELANND ; He seeks to transmit his art on the skin In many ways , such as Fine Line , Black Work, American Traditional , Neo Traditional and Lettering . With a large segment of clients, trusting his skills , his hands and his great work, this Madrileño, little by little, opening his path in this world.



    Deejay, Image and Sound Engineer, tattoo artist, Dancer and Audiovisual Producer born in Alcorcón (Madrid); His storied background is one of long-term creative development. His roots are pure Spanish and Latin, but if you dig a little deeper you will find that Javi Valiño musical path is made up into Turntablism with a very big range of styles starting from Latin, and Urban music styles , going through the Mainstream Formula, the Electronic Dance Music Scene such us House, Big Room ,Tech House and Techno. 
 This young boy begins in electronic music at 13 years old when his brother DJ Noah give him two technics turntable and a Vestax mixer where he Started to experience himself in Scratching technique. 
 He have played in the best clubs of Barcelona and Madrid, as UP&DOWN (PACHA Barcelona),LA CARPA Barcelona ,FABRIK (Madrid) , MENFIS MANRESA , Discoteca SENA , La Carpa del Riu MANRESA , EL SIELU MANRESA, Limo Bus Barcelona , and along famous artists such as LA DIVINA RECORDS & WRONG LONDON ( THOMAS GABARDI, JAMIE DE ROOY , ENRICO CHIRCHIELLO , STEVEN SHARP ), dj with THE RUGGED MAN (usa) , POPEK (poland) ,TRAMPS TENERIFE feat DJ SNOOPY (london), A.F.R.O.(usa), MR GREEN (usa), INNA (rumania) , PALL OSKAR(iceland), KILO(iceland),VALBY BRAEDUR (iceland),IDK IDA (denmark), ÞRIÐIA HÆÐIN(iceland) (featured in Redbbull website for its show at SECRET SOLSTICE festival, and more…